Expertise in electronics, from development to after-sales successful in the world of IoT


As one of Germany’s leading electronics service providers in the IoT world, we combine the whole value chain and sought-after specialist expertise under the KATEK brand umbrella. Our range of services encompasses the entire product lifecycle – from development, rapid prototyping, material management and series production and testing through to assembly, logistics and after-sales.

We are the ideal point of contact for complex IoT-projects involving the implementation of comprehensive product and system solutions. As a customer, you are able to access our knowledge at various entry points along the product lifecycle, and the extensive expertise under the KATEK brand umbrella enables us to provide you with the best possible support at every stage.

As an all-round electronics service provider, we see the development phase as the foundation of a successful product launch. We therefore support you during development with product concepts, hardware design, layout, software engineering and mechanics. The accompanying project management is crucial to a successful project.

Thanks to our comprehensive development approach, we can also provide you with optimal support in the subsequent product industrialisation phase. We will guide you through to a successful launch and series production with efficient testing instruments, sophisticated equipment and intelligent automation.

With the development and launch of new product and system solutions, the shortest possible time to market is essential. We can support you during the development process with extensive rapid prototyping and design expertise for the smallest and most complex structures and assemblies. With the beflex – A KATEK Brand, you will be able to move your electronic assemblies into series production quickly and straightforwardly. During this process, you will benefit from the cumulative technology and market expertise of the KATEK Group. Our tried-and-tested NPI process helps you to bring your products to market rapidly and cost-effectively.

Our global supply chain and long-term supplier relationships offer you significant competitive advantage. With our intelligent material management, we ensure that you are able to access the necessary material groups in time-critical development and production phases. Component quality is of the utmost importance throughout the entire procurement process, which is why we source only official distribution goods via franchise partners and work directly with international manufacturers.

Every electronic product is different – and places individual demands on the manufacturing process. During the industrialisation process, we therefore take the specific characteristics of your product into account and develop a customised solution. This enables us to combine first-class quality standards and economic efficiency in series production. Our production solutions encompass a wide range of component forms, circuit board types and soldering processes.

An optimally coordinated testing process is the key to systematic compliance with the highest quality standards in the manufacturing process. This is why our specialists develop suggestions for the testability of the components right from the start. We can implement both in-line and standalone concepts, depending on the technical requirements and quantities involved. Our testing repertoire is endless – from well-established AOI procedures, in-circuit tests, classic function tests and X-ray inspection through to state-of-the-art image processing, we always have the ideal testing approach available. All our testing software is produced in-house in order to ensure optimal implementation.

The final assembly of electronic assemblies and system solutions is of central importance in the manufacturing process. It is vital to consider the individual product requirements when developing the final assembly concepts. Our assembly specialists manage to largely automate assembly processes in series production, or to integrate them seamlessly into the production line at specially designed assembly stations. For small series, we can set up individually optimised workstations on request for efficient assembly under the highest quality standards.

The success of time-critical market launches depends significantly on the timely availability of all components. Our highly efficient logistics concepts are therefore tailored optimally to your individual requirements – with modern approaches such as just-in-time or Kanban, we are able to optimise availabilities and minimise storage times. We focus throughout the entire logistics chain on ensuring full traceability with constant temperature and humidity monitoring. At the same time, we help to reduce waste with our progressive packaging concepts – in close collaboration with our customers, naturally.

We will provide you with support throughout the entire product lifecycle. In the dynamic environment of electronics in particular, technical innovations and regular upgrades call for adjustment and maintenance of assemblies and system solutions. In the context of our after-sales service, we will support you not only in the professional exchange of complex components, but also in complex repair work and technical modifications.

KATEK shapes industry trends

We are familiar with the industry-specific requirements of the various sales markets in electronic assemblies and systems – and this enables us to work with an industry focus at all times and take into account the standards and specifications of various target groups. With our comprehensive electronics expertise, we are able to meet industry specific requirements in every respect.

Discover our diverse range of services for the different industries – from e-mobility and energy/solar to healthcare.

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As a technology leader in electronics manufacturing, we offer a wide range of sought-after specialist expertise in selected proprietary brands. This enables us to place a particular focus on innovative key technology and develop forward-looking solutions together with our customers. Our technology spectrum ranges from modern energy solutions for climate protection, innovative miniaturisation and time-to-market approaches through to special solutions for an ageing society and e-mobility.

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