We take the ethical responsibility for the environment and for future generations seriously. For this reason, the management declares increased and systematic environmental protection to be an independent corporate objective, so that every single employee makes an important contribution in all decisions of his or her daily actions and helps to achieve this objective.

Our environmental policy is characterised by the following core statements:

  • We observe our responsibility to the environment in all our decisions, even beyond legal regulations, and continuously pursue measures for improving environmental protection.

  • We motivate all employees to behave in an environmentally conscious way both inside and outside the company.

  • We are open to communication with our business partners and employees about all matters concerning the environment.

  • We take care of resources like material and energy and ensure a resource-saving production by using the latest manufacturing technology. This also applies for packaging of supplied parts as well as for finished products.

  • We want to minimise the burden on the air and water and the generation of noise and waste caused by our manufacturing processes.