Protection of employees

Safety, health and motivation - the basis of our corporate success

Our employees are our most important asset and the basis of our corporate success. The safety, health and motivation of our employees therefore enjoy the highest priority. At KATEK, our occupational health and safety policy has the same priority as profitability, quality, environmental and energy management.

Our guiding principles for the protection of employees

We give our occupational health and safety policy a face with four concise guiding principles. Management and all supervisors are required to give top priority to occupational health and safety.


In all our business decisions, we are aware of our responsibility for our own health and the health of others. Our occupational health and safety measures go beyond the legal requirements – we strive to continuously improve our occupational health and safety through targeted measures.

Employees Involvement

Through the personal responsibility of all employees, we help to prevent accidents – both inside and outside the company. We motivate all employees to act in a safety-conscious manner and actively involve the workforce in occupational health and safety issues.


We communicate openly, transparently and honestly about all occupational health and safety issues. We increase our awareness of these issues through discussions with business partners, employees and responsible parties.


Effective, sustainable occupational health and safety represents real added value for companies and employees. For this reason, we consciously use our activities in this area as an element of personnel marketing.

In compliance with the law and regulations

We derive specific measures and targets from our occupational health and safety policy. In accordance with §3 of the German Occupational Health and Safety Act (ArbSchG), our management undertakes to strive for an “improvement in the safety and health protection of employees”.

The occupational health and safety policy of the KATEK Group is based on the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the relevant occupational health and safety regulations. In our daily work, we always strive to continuously improve the safety and health of our employees. This can only be achieved with the complete workforce – from the management to the production staff. All persons on the company premises are obliged to comply with legal regulations, internal rules, guidelines and directives at all times.

Greater safety through protective equipment, cleanliness and tidiness

Through high-quality personal protective equipment, professional equipment in good condition, as well as order and cleanliness, we succeed in ensuring safety in the workplace. To sustain the health of our employees, we avoid hazards, prevent accidents and ensure a healthy and ergonomic way of working. KATEK is committed to providing employees with appropriate protective equipment.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy