Environmental protection

Sustainable doing for a future worth living

In our role as a technology leader and employer for around 2,800 people, we feel a great responsibility for the environment and for future generations. In order to live up to this responsibility, our management has declared environmental protection to be an independent corporate objective. Together with our employees, we want to make an active contribution to sustainability, climate protection and resource conservation – for a future worth living.

Our guiding principles for sustainable environmental protection

Taking responsibility

A future worth living is in our very own interest – which is why our commitment to environmental protection goes far beyond legal requirements. We want to lead the way, take responsibility and set an example. In our day-to-day operations, we strive to improve environmental protection every day.

Joining forces

Environmental protection only works if everyone joins in. For this reason, all employees at KATEK are committed to our guiding principles – from the management to the production staff. Our environmental protection does not stop at the factory gate, but also accompanies us outside the factory.

Transparency, openness and communication

Environmental protection is also a question of open discourse and transparent discussions. For this reason, we discuss the topic of sustainability quite openly with our business partners and employees – we welcome suggestions and implement them in a meaningful way.

Efficient production - conserving resources

Our resources on this planet are finite. For this reason, we handle raw materials and energy responsibly – by using state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, we ensure sustainable production. In doing so, we keep an eye on the complete life cycle and also pay attention to the packaging of supplier parts and sales goods.

Minimizing environmental impact

Production processes require valuable water, pollute the air, make noise and produce greenhouse gases and residual materials. Using the latest technologies, we at KATEK work to minimize environmental impact and minimize the impact of our production on the environment.

Environmental Policy