Climate protection

Our contribution to climate protection

Global warming is one of the greatest challenges of our time. In order to achieve the ambitious climate protection goals and to minimize the impact of global warming, we must noticeably reduce our energy consumption. We at KATEK are aware of this responsibility and make an active contribution to climate protection every day.

Our guiding principles for sustainable climate protection

Measure, display and improve

The continuous recording of our energy consumption provides the data basis for a sustainable use of energy. We present our energy consumption transparently and are committed to continuously improving our energy-related performance.

Setting and achieving targets

Climate protection must be measurable – which is why we define strategic and operational targets for energy management. These targets provide the framework for individual measures to improve energy efficiency.

Joining forces

We can only achieve the international climate targets if everyone pulls together. At KATEK, we therefore motivate each other to act in an energy-conscious, sustainable manner – both inside and outside the company.

Reducing CO2 emissions - protecting the climate

At KATEK, we make an active contribution to climate protection by reducing our CO2 emissions – for a future worth living.

Saving energy - improving competitiveness

Reducing energy consumption not only protects our operating costs, but also the environment. For this reason, we optimize energy efficiency as part of our continuous improvement processes, thus ensuring competitiveness at our site.

Hand in hand with politics and society

Our energy policy is based on the legal foundation of the legislator – we are committed to complying with all legal requirements. We want to make our contribution to efficient energy use in the long term and support policymakers in ensuring a reliable energy supply.

Energy efficiency through technology

Technological progress enables us to produce ever more efficiently and in a more energy-saving manner. As a technology leader, we at KATEK rely on the use of the latest manufacturing technologies to produce in the most energy-efficient way possible.

Doing good and talking about it

Open communication about energy and sustainability is helping to get more and more people excited about climate protection. We therefore consciously use our activities to improve energy efficiency as an element of marketing and communicate openly and transparently about our energy policy goals and successes.

Energy policy