KATEK Memmingen –
your innovative electronics service provider

Our Power Electronics Competence Centre is located at our site in Memmingen, Bavaria. Here, KATEK brings innovative drive, expertise and many years of experience to the creation of high-quality electronics solutions. As a manufacturer of Steca brand product lines, we supply customers around the world with advanced solar electronics for the energy transformation.

Success story from Bavaria

Founded in 1976 as Steca GmbH, our Memmingen location has concentrated on the development and production of high-quality electronics solutions from the outset. What began with innovative battery charging systems was quickly expanded into an extensive portfolio of power electronics.

With the increasing emergence of renewable energies in the 1990s, the product range was successively expanded to include power electronics components for PV systems and solar thermal systems. Today, we produce electronics solutions for a wide range of industries at our Memmingen, Dusseldorf and Saedinenie (BG) sites. The location has been an integral part of the KATEK Group since 2019.

The work culture at our Memmingen site is characterised by a pronounced emphasis on innovation and quality, and a high degree of customer focus. Our mission is to develop high-quality and innovative electronics products for demanding customers around the world.

Our guiding principles include continuous improvement, fair and transparent communication and a firm zero-defect strategy. At the same time, we make an active contribution to resource conservation and environmental protection with a progressive environmental and energy policy.

Power electronics from KATEK Memmingen –
innovative and advanced

At the KATEK location in Memmingen, we develop and produce innovative and advanced power electronics for PV systems, solar thermal systems and battery chargers. Our electronics systems are used around the world and contribute to the decentralisation and decarbonisation of energy systems.

Our service portfolio at a glance:

Solar thermal systems harness the power of the sun to heat water efficiently – without the need for fossil fuels. KATEK Memmingen provides the appropriate electronics: our product line-up ranges from solar and heating controllers to freshwater controllers, system controllers and the related software solutions.

With high-quality power electronics, we enable renewably generated PV electricity to be fed into the public grid. We develop and produce advanced inverters, monitoring devices and systems for energy management.

The energy generated by PV systems is prone to fluctuation and depends on the time of day. With our innovative battery chargers, we make a contribution to the efficient storage of solar energy. Our product range includes solar charge controllers, sine wave inverters, DC loads and battery charging systems.

From Memmingen to the world – as an international supplier of power electronics, we set new standards and develop advanced technology.

360 ° electronics competence through united forces

In the KATEK Group, champions from all areas of the electronics value chain combine their strengths in a strong unit. Together we shape future trends and implement the electronic systems of tomorrow. Find out more about our companies and locations.