Electronic Diversity of Ideas for a Smart Future

Digitization and Electronics go hand in hand and offer great opportunities for our future. There’s a great deal of visions and they all have one thing in common: electronics is a supporting element for them. To fulfil this role, electronics service providers need to be flexible, fast and innovative, as well as working increasingly closely with players from a wide range of sectors. Only holistic solutions make it possible to make visions of the future tangible.

Automotive & eMobility
Lifestyle & Connectivity
Industry / Retail & IoT
Energy / solar / smart home

Automotive & eMobility

The automotive industry is demanding, innovative and facing unprecedented change with eMobility – the bar is correspondingly high when it comes to selecting partners for electronic assemblies and systems. KATEK has been successfully working for renowned customers from the global automotive industry for many years – we therefore know the industry-specific requirements of the sector with all their details and offer the right footprint in Germany and Eastern Europe.

Our manufacturing processes are subject to the continuously integrated quality management system according to IATF 16949 and thus meet the global quality standard of the automotive industry. In addition, with our broad market penetration, we offer valuable insight into adjacent sectors: for example smart home and energy.

As a certified automotive supplier, for example, we develop intelligent AC wallboxes and chargers, ICCPDs (In Cable Control and Protective Devices) and adjacent control devices that translate the language of modern electric vehicles into the language of modern smart homes.

Lifestyle & Connectivity

Modern household and entartainment electronics must be smart, inspire customers and create real added value. KATEK enables exactly that: With our extensive electronics know-how, we help set new standards and shape the trends of the digital future.

For example, we are helping the largest household appliance manufacturer in Europe to expand its product range with individualized digital functions, services and content and to offer customers additional added value. By industrializing, manufacturing and electrically testing smart controls in high volumes, we enable the cost-efficient integration of smart electronics into household appliances.

Industry/Retail & IoT

The industrial and retail sector is undergoing a profound transformation. Megatrends such as Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) are largely based on cutting-edge, complex electronic assemblies that enable digital, networked operations. This is where the electronics industry comes into play, i.e. the industry that develops, manufactures and supplies the “brains” of all those networked products of a smart future with electronics and embedded systems.

Without Internet-enabled electronic assemblies, components, solutions and products of the electronics industry, all these complex devices would not be “smart” devices. Retailers, on the other hand, are using smart electronics to optimize the customer experience through user-friendly smart applications.

For example, with KATEK’s advanced point-of-sale (POS) solution, a leading grocery retailer offers its customers an innovative, relaxed shopping experience. The touchscreen terminals developed by KATEK Mauerstetten are based on a flexible, customized embedded carrier board / CPU module solution.

Latest connectivity technologies like NFC were implemented as well as Bluetooth, USB, Gbit-LAN and RS232. In close cooperation with the customer, KATEK developed an innovative service concept that enables efficient business processes in combination with low overall costs of the terminals.

Energy/Solar/Smart Home

The global energy supply is changing – more and more countries are using renewable, climate-friendly energy sources as a substitute for fossil fuels to generate electricity. Solar technology plays a key role in this: it already makes an important contribution to climate protection and is one of the pillars of the energy transition. And here, too, thinking outside the box is crucial: How do I use clever energy management to maximize self-consumption? How do I ensure that my e-vehicle is charged with green energy as much as possible and that the network is not overloaded?

Under the Steca product brand, KATEK develops and produces high-end power electronics for grid inverters and energy storage systems as well as control technology for photovoltaic systems and fuel cell systems in Memmingen and Bulgaria. Steca – A KATEK Brand is one of the pioneers in the renewable energy industry in Germany with a great deal of manufacturing and engineering expertise.

The company is expanding the product and development area for PV power electronics and, as an innovative OEM and ODM partner, is taking a further step towards future technology for residential buildings for its customers.


The world’s population is growing, but it is also aging and the number of older people is increasing around the world. At the same time, the desire for self-development and a self-determined life in old age increases despite physical impairments. Smart Health is becoming more and more relevant and is revolutionizing many areas from prevention and examinations to care and support. Whether telemedicine, the use of augmented reality in operations or the digital patient file:

Modern technologies around big data and artificial intelligence make digital health offers and more efficient treatment of patients possible and improve their quality of life.

In the field of digitization of healthcare and care, TeleAlarm – A KATEK Brand is one of the market leaders for hardware and software solutions that help older people and people with physical disabilities to lead a self-determined life in their familiar surroundings.

New medical devices have to be extensively validated and certified, but the time-to-market has to be shortened due to the dynamic market requirements. Thanks to very close cooperation with the manufacturers’ developers, beflex – A KATEK Brand ensures rapid market maturity with rapid prototyping and design know-how for the smallest and most complex electronic structures and assemblies (miniaturization).

Latest news

23. December 2022

Study – Part 3: How the automotive industry was affected in 2022 – and how it is positioning itself for the future

KATEK SE, together with market research institute Dynata, asked 42 companies and electronics manufacturing service providers (EMS) from the automotive industry about the impact of the crises on their sector.
With almost 100 years of history, the Leipzig branch is one of the most experienced electronics service providers in the KATEK Group. Together with the Panevėžys (LT) site, the Leipzig location develops and manufactures electronics solutions, provides inspection and testing services and manufactures plastic parts. With its innovative electronics assemblies, KATEK Leipzig shapes trends in fields such as digitalisation, automation and networking.
In our branch in Memmingen, Bavaria, we work with innovation, experience and know-how on high-quality solutions for everything to do with power electronics. From here, as well as from Düsseldorf and from Saedinenie (BG), we deliver to customers all over the world. With our advanced Steca product line, we make an active contribution to the energy transition with high-performance solar electronics. The product range includes controllers for solar thermal systems, power electronics for photovoltaics and innovative storage inverters for efficient storage of solar energy.
With its locations in Grassau, Horni Sucha (CZ) and Gyor (HU), KATEK Grassau offers a wide range of services from hardware / software and mechanical engineering, layouts to highly automated high-volume series for various industries. Best-in-class test concepts developed in-house accompany the entire production process and guarantee compliance with our zero-defect philosophy. As a technology leader for state-of-the-art electronics, we ‘re certified according to the most important industry-specific certifications – be it for medical technology or for the automotive industry. In addition, we enable solutions for customers who are rethinking the connected factory of the future – be it in sensor technology, measurement and control technology or asset tracking.
At our location in Mauerstetten, everything revolves around embedded systems. As an electronics service provider, we cover the entire lifecycle of electronics assemblies. Our range of services extends from development to materials and project management, production, testing technology and logistics. Our traceability system ensures end-to-end traceability of assemblies – and guaranteed quality along the entire value chain. Even after production, we continue to serve you, offering both logistics and after-sales services.
Welcome to our Canadian production facility, where innovation meets efficiency. Our expertise covers the entire lifecycle of electronic assemblies, from pioneering Design for Velocity (DFV) to achieving operational excellence and embracing Reshoring solutions. Our commitment to eliminating waste, reducing costs, ensuring quality, and offering a holistic view of enterprise operations makes us your trusted partner in electronic assembly excellence in Canada.