KATEK Canada - Pioneer in Electronics Manufacturing

KATEK Canada, a member of the KATEK Group since 2023, continues the legacy of a successful enterprise. Formerly known as Sigmapoint, this Cornwall-based facility boasts an impressive track record in electronics manufacturing. Specializing in the development and production of electronic assemblies, KATEK Canada has emerged as a leading provider in various market segments. Bringing top-tier expertise, a unique culture of continuous improvement, and a strong customer-centric approach to the KATEK Group, KATEK Canada is committed to delivering innovative solutions and high-quality products.

Lean Six Sigma Excellence

KATEK Canada has achieved the highest standards in process optimization and quality control, earning the “World Class Lean Six Sigma” designation. This accolade underscores the company’s dedication to continuous improvement and the highest quality standards.

KATEK Canada is dedicated to the Lean Six Sigma methodology and excels in value-stream mapping, a process through which company specialists analyze and optimize entire production workflows to ensure maximum efficiency. This results in top-notch products and processes.

Visions for the Future and Innovations

Expertise in value-added engineering is a core part of KATEK Canada’s capabilities. In the face of challenges in today’s highly competitive business landscape, such as shortened product lifecycles and increased customer demand, the company continuously develops new strategies for product development and technical support.

At our Canadian location, technology and innovation thrive. Our world-class high-speed manufacturing, Lean Enterprise philosophy, technical expertise, and efficient supply chain enable excellence in various market segments, including energy/industrial, IoT, communication, servers, audio/video broadcasting, imaging, medical technology, and the automotive industry.

360 ° electronics competence through united forces

In the KATEK Group, champions from all areas of the electronics value chain combine their strengths in a strong unit. Together we shape future trends and implement the electronic systems of tomorrow. Find out more about our companies and locations.