For more than 35 years, KATEK has stood for technology leadership in electronics manufacture. The KATEK brand pools its extensive EMS competences to form a powerful unit.


For many years, KATEK has been successfully working for many well-known automotive industry clients all over the world.
Our manufacturing processes are subject to a thoroughgoing, integrated quality management system that conforms to IATF 16949.

KATEK EMS competence fulfills the highest quality and functional safety requirements according to IEC 61508 and ISO 26262, whether the task is using high-performance transmission controllers to tame the energy provided by powerful engines or using electronic sensors to control vehicle steering.


Our daily lives – professional or private – are influenced by high-speed communication and high-speed data exchange, from telephone conversations to streaming ultra-HD videos to M2M communication.

KATEK manufactures parts for the electronic infrastructure that ensures availability of cutting-edge mobile networks with dynamically rising data rates of up to 20 Gbit/s (5G) for a global leader in communication technology.

KATEK specializes in manufacturing and electrical testing for HF electronics (up to the high GHz ranges) and for many years has been a popular electronics service provider for smart solutions in the area of wireless communication (GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi technologies, etc.).

Consumer Electronics

Our client is one of the global leaders in the industry and the largest manufacturer of household appliances in Europe. Increasing digitalization continues to pose new, challenging requirements. Consumers expect more than perfect performance from their devices: they also want smart technology that provides extra utility. Our client has therefore grown from a supplier of individual appliances to a company that also offers individualized digital functions, services, and content.

Industrialization, manufacture, and electrical testing of these intelligent controllers, which are installed in large quantities, are all based on KATEK electronics expertise.


Our client is a leading food retailer who offers its customers an innovative, relaxed shopping experience featuring a point-of-sale (POS) solution from KATEK. The touchscreen terminal, developed and manufactured by ETL in Mauerstetten, part of the KATEK Group, uses a flexible, customer-specific carrier board/CPU module solution that allows it to be used in various areas of application.
It uses the latest technologies, such as NFC, and, of course, Bluetooth, USB, Gbit LAN, and RS232. The 15” screen is equipped with a PCAP (projected capacitive) multi-touch of the latest generation. The innovative service concept allows easy exchange of the screen unit by simple separation from the docking unit. ETL designed and developed the unit in close coordination with the customer, who places great value on innovative, effective business processes in conjunction with low overall terminal cost. State-of-the-art technology, high quality, availability that is as long as possible, and low operating, servicing, and maintenance costs were also required.


Well-known companies in the area of renewable energy are among our clients and partners.

For example, we are using our inverter power electronics as the basis for developing the storage inverter for the battery storage of the intelligent battery storage market leader. Steca Elektronik is part of the Katek GROUP and contributes years of experience and great expertise in development and product management, from development to a finished device integrated into a housing.

The storage inverters produced at Steca in Memmingen take on battery storage inverter functions such as charging and discharging the battery in connection with the photovoltaic system, ensuring grid-compliant connection to the electricity grid, and providing emergency electricity when there is a power failure. A specialist in handling large currents and voltages, Steca always achieves the maximum efficiencies in such power electronics applications and offers a maximum reliability advantage with respect to national approvals and associated certificates.


Unser Kunde ist ein global tätiges, zukunftsorientiertes Unternehmen aus der Medizintechnik, das Instrumente für die In-vitro-Diagnostika (IVD)-Industrie entwickelt und fertigt. Diese analytischen und medizintechnischen Geräte werden beispielsweise in den Bereichen klinische Chemie, Bioanalytik, Infektiologie, Immunologie, Mikrobiologie oder molekulare Diagnostik eingesetzt. Darüber hinaus bietet das Unternehmen eigene Hämatologie Systeme einschließlich der Instrumente und Reagenzien an.

Steca Memmingen als Teil der KATEK Gruppe liefert einen Großteil der Elektroniken für die genannten Systeme.